Can you replace a garage door without replacing the tracks?

While you can replace a garage door without necessarily changing the rails, it's not the best idea. Garage doors come with their own set of rails, and if you don't install them, you'll set yourself up for a whole host of problems that will reduce the reliability of the garage door. All garage doors come with their own dividers, the distance that separates a door from the garage wall before it closes. Most come pre-configured by the manufacturer.

You can buy some models with adjustable rails. You'll also see that your garage comes with reinforcements, which keep the garage door rails some distance from the garage door jambs (the wood moldings that surround the door opening). The garage door industry is constantly changing, so parts and pieces are also adapting to new door styles. If you're using old garage door rails, it's very likely that they simply aren't compatible with your new garage door or door system.

These guides are connected by a special rivet that is configured to open and close at a certain distance from the side post. This side post is created in the factory when the garage door is manufactured. If you try to use old rails with a new door or panel, the old rails cannot be adjusted, which can cause a number of problems. When we install garage doors, we place them with the rails designed for that door and that door only.

In fact, every garage door that is manufactured comes with its own set of rails. Although some companies manufacture adjustable rails, they rarely work universally. In other words, it's very likely that the next garage door replacement will have to be a complete replacement, with parts and everything. That's why we recommend a complete overhaul of the system to ensure that the new garage door is working properly.

When the rails break down, this will affect the performance of the door. Below are ways to tell if we need to replace your door rails:. If this happens, don't use the electric garage door opener, as it can keep trying to open or close if it's broken. If your garage doesn't have the right amount of space for these pieces, the new garage door could get stuck.

Again, if the caterpillars are old, they are likely to be rusty, deformed, or bent, which can cause your garage door to fall or fall suddenly. Even if the current guides are adjustable, the guides may be misaligned and cause the door to stop moving or damage it even more as you move forward. While some garage door companies might do it for you, that could be disastrous for your investment in the new door. Either way, check out the new garage door installation tips below to help this process go as smoothly as possible.

Most garage door kits will include a new garage door rail and installation instructions for that particular model. Trying to save money on installing a new garage can ruin your wallet in the future when more serious problems arise. Another way to determine the condition of the rails is to hire a door electrical specialist to inspect the rails once every one to two years. If you're an experienced DIYer and you're getting help from someone else with experience with this project, it's possible to install a garage door.

Garage door rails play an important role in the proper functioning of the door and can be a little expensive to install as new. If your garage door rails are worn out and you're tired of your garage doors, it's time for Garage Power to install a new residential garage door. .

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